Voice of Democracy 2024/2025 Theme is "Is America Today Our Forefather's Vision?"
Patriots Pen 2024/2025 Theme is:   "My Voice in America's Democracy?"

We will have the new entry brochures sometime in May. The completed essays are due on October 31st.  
Our Voice of Democracy essay recordings and the Patriots Pen essays will ber graded in November and our winners will be sent up to District 6.   The VOD National winner receives a $35,000 scholarship.  The Patriot's Pen National winner receives $5000.  Our Post pays $150 for our 1st place winner, $100 for our 2nd place winner and $50 for our 3rd place winner in both the Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen entries.
If you need an entry brochure contact Greg Bryant at 208-421-2282.

Buddy Poppies are normally our biggest fundraiser and the event is usually held the Saturday before Veteran's Day in November.